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Whether you are looking for someone to train your young horse or coaching to get you to the next level, Robert will take the time to address you and your horses needs. Robert has more than 20 years experience bringing horses from first saddling to Grand Prix and everything in between. With a solid background in all facets of show jumping and other disciplines, he can aid in creating the perfect program to you and your horse. Read more about Robert >>

Featured Sales Horses

At this time we do not have any sale horses listed through RMLLC, however, please see our co-listings at Bannockburn Farm.

Featured Sales Horses

  • We have experienced many trainers in the past 15 years that our daughter has been riding. I can truly say the last 5+ years we have teamed-up with Robert have been the most rewarding and enjoyable stretch of our family journey in the equestrian world. As a result,  we have chosen to trust Robert even further by getting involved in the horse investment side of the equestrian industry.

    His overall knowledge of both young and mature horses appears to be as good any we could have found. His patience, knowledge, and great communication skills have been a great match for a family like ours that didn’t start in the business. What seems to really set Robert apart is his ability to explain how your horse see’s and understands different situations and in turn he seems to be able to excel at presenting solutions and training methods on how to best communicate with your horse. I would have no problem recommending Robert to all owners and riders of all levels of riding.

    Scott Isabel
    USA Young Jumpers
  • Robert is a patient, thorough trainer that can help bring along a green horse or fill holes of a pair already competing.  His knowledge for fixing issues is inspiring and his lessons are confidence building. His flatwork knowledge and training is apparent.  I watched him win the Welcome Stake at Trader's Point and immediately went to introduce myself to find out if he would come teach lessons in Indianapolis. It was an obvious difference between Robert and the competitors.

    Liz Holtz Messaglia
  • I have had horses in training with Robert for many years and I consider him an important part of our horses' program. Even though I now live several states away, I have sent a horse back to him for a tune up and I trust him to bring along my colt that resides at his farm.
    Christina Parker
    Coruscant Stables

Show Schedule

World Equestrian Center
January 30 - February 3 | Wilmington, OH
World Equestrian Center
February 20 - 24 | Willmington, OH
World Equestrian Center
March 13 - 17 | Willmington, OH
World Equestrian Center
April 10 - 14 | Willmington, OH