Whether you are looking for someone to train your young horse or coaching to get you to the next level, Robert will take the time to address you and your horses needs. Robert has more than 25 years experience bringing horses from first saddling to Grand Prix and everything in between. With a solid background in all facets of show jumping and other disciplines, he can aid in creating the perfect program to you and your horse.

2020 Rates



Training Board:
Includes: board, training or lesson 5x/week, shows (excluding splits),
blanketing, mane/face trims.We feed top quality grain and hay.
You provide medications, supplements, and blankets.
Vet and farrier at owner’s expense.

Commission rate for Sale/Lease 10%, split if between my clients


Lessons at Bannockburn Farm: $60/hour private, $40/hour semi-private
Lessons at Prospect Farm in Jamestown: $80/hour private, $60/45 minute private

Robert can conduct clinics at your location. Contact to inquire about availability and 
detailed pricing.

$100/person, minimum $1000/day plus mileage.



Coaching: $50/day per horse
Show/Catch Ride: $50/day per horse
Partial Care:
Includes: assisting with grooming, stall cleaning, feeding, tack cleaning,
bathing. I feel it is important for riders to participate in the care for their horse,
however if you are unavailable we are happy to provide full care for an
additional fee. You provide feed and bedding.
$30/day per horse
Prize Money: 10% of money won
Trucking: $1.00/mile, $0.75/mile for shows